The story of MCC started about 18 years ago. God planted the deep desire and passion in Michl and Tracy’s heart, to see a healthy church with people fully devoted to Jesus Christ, to each other and to reaching those who are lost. During the next years of being involved with various churches, God added experience, insights and values to this passion.

At that time we came into contact with Willow Creek Community Church, near Chicago. Their passion and vision for the church and lost people, is truly contagious and excited us very much. MCC is part of the Willow Creek Association which links around 11,000 like-minded, action-oriented churches all over the world to each other and with strategic vision, training, and resources.

In May 2002 MCC started in the living room of Michl & Tracy. With the encouraging help of Tim Bhajjan we took the first steps of putting the vision which God has put in our hearts and mind into reality. About a month later we moved into the Sportscentre of Lancaster and Morecambe College. We hired two rooms, one for kidschurch and one for the adults.

Then followed a period of hard, diligent and important work on the foundations of what our Church was meant to be. Only a healthy church can and will grow, so a lot of time and effort went into establishing our mission and vision and values.

Easter 2003 we organised our first big event at The Platform (our local theatre) “He is risen”. An opportunity to celebrate the Easter message in a contemporary and relevant way. This first brought us into contact with Neil and Emma. After a year of praying for and with them, they joined us and are now crucial members of our leadership team.

Other events followed such as He is here (christmas), in partnership with Stanley Road Baptist Church we hosted “Rock around a church” with Cannon & Ball and others, Gifted 2 and Risen in 2007

Ever since MCC started we have been actively involved in running West End Impact, a multi-use venue for Christian Community Work in the West End of Morecambe. In 2004 MCC took on the leadership of West End Impact, taking care of it financially and overseeing the work. Many of our small groups meet there. At the heart is our desire to show God’s love and bringing help and hope to people in a variety of circumstances.

In the last few years West End Impact has become more and more the hub of our church, where we engage with the community, which is what makes us a community church. We run two Impact sessions a week for people struggling with homelessness and addictions, we established Impact Youth, a community cafe for parents, carers, grandparents and toddlers and innovate, an art group.

In June 2007 we moved our sunday service from college to Grosvenor Park School, which is in the housing estate opposite the college. We had long been praying for the estate and Michl has been partnering with Tony Bower for the JAM afterschool kids club at the school. The space is great, even though we need to bring everything – PA, tea&coffee making facilities, adult chairs…

West End Impact has seriously expanded in 2009. We opened up the cellar space, which was a fantastic addition. Just as we finished the cellar, God added the Barn as well – the stuff you normally read about in books.
After a long process with planning consent, funding applications and countless hard long hours of volunteer work we completed the Barn in 2013. It is a fantastic facility close to our dream. MCC now rents space of West End Impact for our Sunday service.
Great things to come.

Michl & Tracy