A dream of a church where hurting, confused, searching, questioning, ordinary people can come as they are and be accepted and welcomed. Where they’re not afraid to have questions and where they can find the answers and a revelation from God.

A dream of a church that shares and presents the Good News of Jesus in a simple, relevant, up-to-date way that can be applied to peoples lives. A dream of a church that shares Jesus’ love, forgiveness and acceptance with 100’s and even thousands of people in the Morecambe and Lancaster area and even further a field.


A dream of a church where believers are built up and encouraged in their faith through small groups, seminars, Bible study, prayer, training, worship and service and can reach their full potential in Christ.

A dream of a church where people can laugh together, cry together, pray together, forgive each other, have fun together, encourage each other, but don’t talk about each other behind their back.

A dream of a church where everyone is encouraged to find their purpose within the church and the reason why they are here on earth, by finding their God given gifts and talents and being free and encouraged to use them. Where people are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them and are allowed to change direction and try new things when necessary.

A dream of a church that makes a difference in the community. Of a facility where we can teach people every day life skills, for example marriage seminars, parenting and debt counselling. Where people can come for help and advice. Where people who are very disadvantaged can come for food or a bed or even rehabilitation. Where young mums can meet for a chat, where youth can hang out and keep out of trouble, where single people don’t need to be alone.

A dream of a church where God’s presence can be felt and people know that God is at work, as peoples lives are being transformed into fully devoted followers of God.

This is our dream and I am sure this is God’s dream,
is it your dream too?